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Quiet Art
Type: Projects   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
Quiet art is a great activity for making transitions run smoothly. It’s an art project you do in a non-traditional setting and a good transitional activity because it calms the children down and brings them a sense of peace. When you do “quiet art,” you do it resting on the floor with mellow music playing softly in the background. Quiet Art
What We Learn
Behavior in a quiet social context
Calm and de-stress
Fine motor skills
Art in a unique context
Self-regulation and self-control
Supply List
Black construction paper
White chalk
A boom box or stereo
CDs or tapes of mellow music
Explain to your kids that you’ll be doing an activity like no other. Let them know you’ll be doing something called “quiet art” and that you will need the lights turned down low and soothing music playing in the background.

Once the lights are dimmed and the music is on, instruct the kids to lay down on the floor on their stomachs.

Give each of the children black construction paper or poster board and white chalk.

Ask the kids to draw something meaningful, like a picture of themselves, or someone in their family. Say to them, “Draw someone you love.” You’ll be surprised at how different the kids’ art turns out when there’s a different atmosphere and mood.
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