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Sock Puppets
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
You can teach kids how to resolve conflicts by using sock puppets. The puppets will help you tell a story that models proper behavior during conflicts. Sock Puppets
What We Learn
This activity is a great way to teach kids how to resolve conflicts without shaming them by telling them they did something wrong. It’s a non-threatening way to teach them to use words to solve problems and express how they feel. In addition to developing their communication skills, they will learn how to work together and how to finish a task from beginning to end.
Supply List
Large wiggly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Felt or foam pieces
Non-toxic markers
Scraps of cloth
Introduce the activity by choosing three socks and discussing how the kids are going to help transform these ordinary socks into class puppets.

Begin gluing pieces of fabric, felt, foam, and wiggly eyes onto the puppet. You can use yarn or pipe cleaners for the hair. Repeat this until you have three puppets. Once the puppets are complete, choose a name for the puppets and begin to define who the puppets are and what their personalities are like.

Children generally fall into three personality types: fearful, feisty or flexible. Feisty kids are the least compliant. They’re the ones that are affected the most by other children and their surroundings. They are very sensitive and tend to have very strong personalities. Fearful children are afraid of things and worry a lot. If you tell them, “Wash your hands so you don’t have germs on your hands,” they tend to worry about that for a long time. Flexible children roll with the punches. They are compliant and participate without too much of a fuss. Flexible kids are usually ones that help others adjust to the changes in their environment.

Each of these three puppets should take on one of these personas. Once these personas are established, you can use the puppets to mock conflict scenarios that reflect an issue that may be occurring amongst the kids. Doing a puppet show on how these puppets can resolve their conflicts can teach kids how they, themselves, should respond to different conflicts they experience.
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