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Math + Games = Learning
Type: Projects   Skills: Critical ThinkingMath & Numbers
There’s lot of easy ways you can incorporate math into your everyday activities with kids. Games are a great way to involve kids of various ages in your program. The counting games below aren’t complicated to organize. In fact, you and your kids can make these games with things you find around the house. Math + Games = Learning
What We Learn
Through these math games, kids learn one-to-one correspondence, which makes numbers more tangible to them. They also learn counting and sorting skills, how to construct relationships among objects, and the ability to count by glancing at groups of objects.
Supply List
Jumbo foam dice
Square tissue boxes
Construction paper
Small plastic zoo animals or dinosaurs
Poster board
Zoo animal stickers or dinosaur stickers
Magic markers
A poster board will serve as your primary game board. Draw a line down the poster board with a marker so that you’ve formed six columns. Write the names of 6 different animals across the top. Under each animal, affix between one and six stickers to that column. For example, under “dinosaur” the provider can place 6 separate dinosaur stickers. Under “bird,” place 3 bird stickers. Under “dog,” place 1 sticker, and so on. If you can’t find stickers, you could simply draw those animals on the poster board.

Near your poster board, place six baskets or bowls with a corresponding amount of toy animals as the ones you have placed with stickers on the board.

Have the younger kids roll one large foam die. If you can’t find foam dice at a local discount store, you can make them with a cardboard box. Take a square tissue box and cover the six sides with construction paper. Use a fat black magic marker to draw dots on them like on real dice. Have your kids roll the dice and whatever number the die lands on, have the child count aloud the number of dots. Then have the child place the corresponding animals on the appropriate place on the game board.

You can involve older children in a slightly different game which involves counting and sorting. Have the older kids roll both of the dice and count aloud the total amount of dots. Then have them count out and sort through a corresponding amount of blocks. They should start building a structure with whatever number of blocks they’ve counted. Each child can keep rolling dice and building the structure taller until it topples. Then repeat the game starting a new structure.
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