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Healthy Foods in Your Pantry
Type: Recipes   Skills: Health & Safety
Often, the most convenient food is the most damaging. A soda, chips, fast food in general has very little nutritional value. In todayís activity, we will teach you how to replace the junk food in your pantry, with healthy food. Healthy Foods in Your Pantry
What We Learn
Kids should get a good mix of foods
Limit sugar, fats and artificial colors and avoid corn syrup and hydrogenated oils
Provide healthy alternatives to junk food
Supply List
Lots of healthy food!
There are two main ingredients to avoid if you are helping a child loose weight: corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Corn syrup and hydrogenated oils are in most packaged, processed snack foods. These items may be convenient, but are very unhealthy choices in foods. Avoiding them will be extremely helpful in keeping your kids healthy. When you give your kids snacks you want to limit sugar, fats and artificial colors.

Start off the day right. For breakfast, you should limit sugar and artificial colors or chemicals. Instead of cereals filled with marshmallows, artificial coloring and sugar, give kids a whole grain cereal. Avoid sugar and fat in breakfast pastries and give them cinnamon raisin bread. This gives them a little sweetness but it limits fat and sugar.

Potato chips and other snack chips are filled with fats and, in some cases, artificial colors and chemicals. Instead of these, you can offer kids banana chips, dried fruit, veggie chips or even nuts. These are healthier choices because they are natural and still give kids satisfaction because they are crunchy like chips.

I believe children should not be drinking sodas or artificial fruit drinks because of the extremely high amount of sugar and empty calories. Instead, kids should be drinking water or 100% fruit juice.

Ice cream and cookies are a big favorite with kids. Children can still enjoy similar treats while avoiding the high levels of fat and sugar. Instead of ice cream, choose low-fat frozen yogurt. Instead of cookies, give kids fruit newtons or granola bars with real fruit, which will cut down on sugar intake.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are really a favorite for kids, but itís traditionally made with white bread and creamy peanut butter and grape jelly. This could be a much healthier meal if you use whole wheat bread that is full of fiber. You can also get natural peanut butter in stores now that avoids a lot of the sugar and coloring in creamy peanut butter. Also, instead of jelly, use a whole fruit spread with no added sugar.
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