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Recyclable Sculpture Art
Type: Crafts   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
With Recyclable Sculpture Art, children create their own work of art out of recyclable items you have around the house, such as paper towel rolls, gift wrap rolls, and other empty cardboard boxes and containers. Recyclable Sculpture Art
What We Learn
Toddlers and preschoolers will learn social cooperation from working together to get this sculpture going. They learn concepts related to size and shape by discussing and deciding how tall to make it. They learn hand-eye coordination from manipulating the materials, and of course they use their creativity to create the sculpture. They also practice problem-solving as they carry out their plans.
Supply List
Paper towel rolls
Toilet paper rolls
Gift wrap rolls
Cardboard boxes
Disposable containers
Masking tape
Tempura paint
Paint brushes
In the time leading up to this activity, save all the recyclables in your home, such as toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap rolls, empty tissue boxes, any small cardboard containers. Ask parents to do the same and have the children bring them in.

You may want to sort through your different recyclables and organize them in different containers for the kids. For example, you can put the different sized cardboard rolls (toilet paper, paper towel, and gift wrap rolls) in three different containers. Sort the cardboard boxes separately from the rolls. Leave these recyclable materials out for the kids and provide them with masking tape so they can begin creating their art sculptures.

Once the kids have completed assembling their art sculptures, you can display them as is, or you can provide the children with tempura paint and paint brushes so they can further decorate their art sculpture.
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