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Sample Menus for 8 to 12 Month Old Babies
Type: Recipes   Skills: Health & Safety
We are glad to show you a delicious daily sample menu for an eight to twelve month old infant. It’s simple, nutritious and a great way to teach kids about life... and cooking. Sample Menus for 8 to 12 Month Old Babies
What We Learn
Remember to wait about four days between introducing new foods, in case infants have an allergic reaction.

Serve water instead of juice, which is high in sugar.

Infants under the age of one shouldn’t be fed honey or egg whites.

Don’t leave a baby with a bottle at bedtime – it increases the likelihood of ear infections and tooth decay.
Supply List
You will find all the ingredients you need, in the recepies below.
¼ - ½ cup cereal or cooked mashed egg yolk
¼ - ½ cup fruit, diced
4-6 oz. Formula or breast milk

For cereal, try serving rice cereal. Baby food from a jar is fine, mixed with breast milk, water or formula and a little baby spoon to feed it. Remember, no egg whites for children under the age of one. For fruit, a really ripe banana cut into small pieces is best. Provide the formula/breast milk in a Zippy cup or bottle.

4-6 oz. water
¼ cup diced cheese or cooked vegetables

You can use juice, but water is preferable since juice is all sugar which kids don't need. Juice also gets kids used to drinking sweet beverages at a young age. If you’re serving cheese, try white cheese cut into very small pieces. If you’re serving cooked veggies (squash, pees, carrots) or jar baby food veggies are fine. Cheerios are also a great snack that the baby can feed him or herself (and easy to carry around).

¼ - ½ cup yogurt or cottage cheese
¼ - ½ cup yellow vegetables
4-6 oz. formula/breast milk

For the yellow vegetable, try serving squash. Again, it can be jar baby food or mashed, cooked or fresh squash.

Snack: :
1 teething biscuit or cracker
¼ cup diced cheese or meat (chicken is best)

Dinner: :
¼ cup diced poultry, meat or tofu
¼ - ½ cup green vegetables
¼ cup noodles, pasta, rice or potato
¼ cup fruit
4-6 oz. formula/breast milk

It’s preferable to start with white meats like chicken (either fresh or jarred baby food) and then advance to other meats. For green veggies, try peas (again, fresh or from a jar of baby food). Noodles or pasta are fun for the baby to feed him or herself. For fruit, try applesauce, pears, or prunes.

Before bedtime: :
6-8 oz. formula/breast milk or water

To prevent tooth decay, give an infant water before bed and wipe off the infant’s teeth (if any) with a soft cloth. Remember, don’t leave a bottle with a baby at bedtime – it increases the chances of ear infections.
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