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Indoor Marching Game
Type: Exercise   Skills: Health & SafetyPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
In this activity, youíll learn how to create a simple marching game that will get kids moving and exercising. Itís a perfect activity you can adapt to any size living space Ė big or small. Indoor Marching Game
What We Learn
Exercise is fun!
Follow a simple pattern & directions
Body awareness
Supply List
Masking tape
Construction paper
First, lay pieces of masking tape down on the floor to mark the path of your marching route. Mark your path in a circle or oval pattern to keep it simple and safe for children of all abilities.

Using construction paper, cut out large squares, circles, rectangles and other shapes. Place these symbols along your marching path.

Play music in the background and instruct the children to follow the adult leading the marching route. When you arrive at a symbol along the path, make up a fun physical activity the children must complete before continuing on their march. For instance, at the red circle, instruct the children they will need to do three jumping jacks. When they get to the yellow triangle, they must hop on one foot four times. When they get to the blue square, they must jump from side to side five times.

When the song ends, you can repeat the activity to a different song. This time, you can instruct one of the older children to lead the march and to assign what physical activity the children must follow when they arrive at a marker along the route.

Children with special needs can partake in the march according to their abilities. If a child canít complete a certain physical activity, find a physical activity the child can do, such as clapping his or her hands or waving his or her arms.
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