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Circle-Time Name Song
Type: Music   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
This circle-time activity involves singing a “Name Song” that kids of different ages and learning abilities can participate in. Circle-Time Name Song
What We Learn
Kids can learn a lot from a simple “Name Song” activity. By looking at the lyrics on the poster board, your kids are developing their pre-literacy skills. The repetitive nature of the song develops language skills as your kids acquire new vocabulary words. Finally, this song encourages self-esteem. As children learn to associate their own names with a picture of themselves, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.
Supply List
Poster board
Index Cards
Polaroid photos
First, write the lyrics to the “Name Song” on the poster board using a marker. The lyrics are:

“(Name) is here today!
(Name) is here today!
Let’s all clap our hands and sing,
(Name) is here today!”
Write each child’s name on an index card.

Take a Polaroid photo of each child and write the child’s name in the white area under the photo.

Hang the poster of song lyrics on an easel or somewhere the children can all see, and gather the children around for circle time.

Place an index card with the first child’s name in the name area left blank on the poster. Hold up the Polaroid photo of the first child and lead the group in singing the song, inserting the first child’s name into the song.

Repeat the song, changing index cards and photos until the group sings each child’s name.
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