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Communication Board
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity, you’ll learn how putting together a communication board for your child can be a great way to involve the whole family in his care and development. Communication Board
What We Learn
Develops a sense of security
Helps develop language & social skills
Creates a sense of time
Supply List
Poster board
Take photos of your child’s routines throughout his or her day. Daily routines might include: waking up, brushing his teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, playing, washing hands, eating lunch, etc. – all the way through his bedtime.

Get photos developed and have double-prints made.

Divide the photos into three different piles – routines for the morning, afternoon and evening.

You can either make one giant poster with all three parts of the day, or three smaller posters which can all be connected. With a marker, simply write in chronological order, the child’s routines for the morning, such as: waking up, brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc.

Next to where you’ve written the name of each routine, tape a photo of the child performing that particular routine.

Once you’ve completed the routines for the morning, complete the sections on the poster for the afternoon and the evening.

Once you make the chart, display it in an area that your child can easily see throughout the day. This communication board is to give your child a frame of reference of what to expect throughout the day. You can point to the next activity and discuss what’s coming next with the child.

You can also encourage your child to tell you or show you what routine will happen next. With the extra set of photos you’ve made, you can ask your child to match the photo with the photo on the chart of what will come next.

Put velcro on your poster chart in the space next to each photo. Then put velcro on the back of your extra set of photo prints. Your child can look through the extra set of photos and pick which photo matches the routine which comes next. He can attach his photo on the board next to the corresponding photo permanently attached to the chart.

A communication board can be useful for all children. For children with autism, it is a wonderful way to show the child engaged in his or her daily routines. The more children with autism see themselves doing activities, the greater awareness of language and routines he or she has.

A communication board also provides an opportunity for children to work closely with the adult and talk back and share ideas. This activity uses “word repetition” as the child can repeat the steps after the adult, and it helps develop their social skills as they need to interact with the adult. Kids with autism respond better to routine and consistency, as it makes them feel less anxious.
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