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Neighborhood Collage
Type: Crafts   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity, your kids will learn how to make a neighborhood collage with items that they’ve collected from around their neighborhood. The activity is designed to give children the opportunity to interact with other children in their neighborhood and collaborate on a project. Neighborhood Collage
What We Learn
Socialization skills
Supply List
Poster board
Felt pieces
Foam pieces
Wood scraps
Anything that children find in their neighborhoods (twigs, seeds, pinecones, etc.)
First, plan a date for children of similar ages in your neighborhood to come together and bring a few miscellaneous items that they’ve found from around their neighborhood. The items could be twigs, leaves, pinecones, etc.

Welcome the children and have them introduce themselves. Discuss what each child brought from around the neighborhood.

Next, take the children to an area you’ve set up where they can work on the collage. Provide a large poster board or piece of cardboard, which will serve as the “canvas” for their collage.

At the collage area, you should also provide glue they can use to paste their items to the poster board. You should also provide additional small household items they can use to adorn their collage. These items might include feathers, foam pieces, wood scraps, beads, cotton balls, yarn, pipe cleaners, etc. You also can provide old magazines from which they can tear out photos to include in their collage.

Remember, this activity is all about children learning socialization skills and how to get along with one another. As the adult, you should oversee the children coming together and make sure that they have the materials they need. But once the children have begun, step back and let the children decide how they are going to work together to create the collage on their own.
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