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Germ Fighting
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Health & SafetyProfessional DevelopmentScience & Environment
Germ fighting is important for people who take care of young children. The best way to control these germs is simply to remember to wash your hands and make sure your surroundings are clean and disinfected. And remember, cleaning gets the grime off the surface, but disinfecting kills the germs! Germ Fighting
What We Learn
What are germs?
Care for toys
How to follow directions
Supply List
Spray Bottle
Paper towels
Generic cleanser
Bin with soapy water
After eating or doing an activity with the kids, all you want to do is clean up their mess. So get them involved! Have them clean the countertop with a cleaning solution. Tell them not to wipe in circles, as it will spread the “invisible” germs around, but in horizontal strokes.

Then mix bleach and water in a spray bottle - you will need approximately 3 tablespoons of bleach for 1 quart of water – and have the kids spray the solution to disinfect the surface with paper towels and in horizontal strokes. Explain to them the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

Once done, you can use a pictograph to teach them how to wash their hands and even add a song to the routine.

Remember never to include kids with asthma during the cleaning process, as the fumes can potentially trigger an attack.

Once the activity is over, use some time to talk about about safe and unsafe things to drink or put in your mouth. And remember that it is important to store bottles containing cleaning solutions out of the reach of children.
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