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Lava Lamps & Week in Review

Dear Debi,
Do you have any suggestions for fun activities for infants?
Debi's Tips
Debi Gutierrez
Debi Gutierrez
Lava Lamps Can Teach Infants:
  • Color recognition
  • Language development
  • Gross motor skills
And donít forget about the great things that we learned this week:
Expert Advice
Alec Colchico
Alec Colchico
Imagination Expert
Making lava lamps for infants is a lot easier than it sounds. Donít worry Ė thereís actually no lamp or heat involved in making them. Lava lamps are a great activity to provide infants an opportunity to explore colors, shapes and sounds. In addition, theyíll develop their language skills as they try to describe what theyíre seeing happening. Finally, the activity will further enhance their gross motor skills as they handle and play with the lava lamps.

To make a lava lamp for babies, you donít need to go out and buy any special materials. Most likely, you already have everything you need in your home.

Start with some empty water bottles. Fill the bottles three-quarters of the way with cooking or vegetable oil. A funnel will help make sure you donít spill any oil.

Next, mix some water with food coloring. Using the funnel, pour that mixture into the bottle already filled with oil and screw on the cap to the water bottle.

Finally, secure the water bottle by wrapping duct tape around the cap. This will ensure that your water bottle wonít leak or accidentally open while the babies are playing with them.

Itís easy to makes several of these water bottle lava lamps. Vary the amount of oil used in the water bottle and mix lots of colors by using different food colorings.

Lay out a soft blanket and position the water bottle lava lamps on the blanket. Allow the infants to explore the different lava lamps with their hand and mouths. They will love looking at the different colors and shapes that the oil and water mixture creates inside the bottles.

With older children, you can have them participate in actually making the lamps by mixing the food coloring in the oil and helping to pour the mixture into the bottles. When they are done, they will have a cool lava lamp to show for their efforts.

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