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Un día en la vida de una proveedora, mas el recuento semanal

Estimada Alina,
¿Quisiera saber si mi experiencia como proveedora es similar a la de otras proveedoras?
Consejos de Alina
Alina Rosario
Alina Rosario
En el video que encontrara a la mano derecha podrá ver un día en la vida de la proveedora Grace. Así podrá sacarle provecho a la entrevista que le hicimos el día de hoy.

Y no se le olvide lo que hemos aprendido esta semana:
Expert Advice
Proveedora por 5 años
¿Fue ese un día típico en tu programa de cuidado?

I actually start very early in the morning. The first child arrives at 4:00 am. The child is one years old and I give him a bottle when he comes in. The mother comes from South Gate and she works at a hospital, that’s why he comes in so early. He was born premature. He’s had multiple surgeries and weighed only one pound when he was born. Sometimes I play with him, depending on what he wants to do.

The other child arrives at 5:00 am. He’s 6 years old. At 7:00 am I take him to school. I have kids coming in at different hours, so that helps me spend good one on one time with the children.

There are a couple of hours in between for each children. The kids who are here before 8:00 am eat breakfast, then at 10:00 am, the other children get snacks.

¿Háblanos sobre el reto más grande que tuviste ese día

My biggest challenge has to be waking up so early. I am up by 3:30 am to be ready for my first child. I don’t have many local kids. Many of my children travel at least 30 minutes to get here. I also have to prepare on Sundays to make sure that I have groceries for the menus, that the curriculum is written down, and that anything that we will be doing for the week is ready. Finding time for my own children can be challenging, too. I am very involved with my business and sometimes I have to remind myself I have to give them time as well.

Si tu hijo estuviese enfermo, ¿qué retos adicionales hubieses tenido que enfrentar?

In all these years, my children have never been sick. I, myself, have gotten sick. When I had gall bladder surgery, my assistants – who at that time were not my daughters – helped take care of the business for me. But I was able to be here with the children and parents still brought their kids to me. I am lucky and grateful that the challenge wasn’t more than getting myself up to be there for the children.

¿Se les facilita a tus propios hijos “compartir” con otros niños durante el día?

When I first started, my youngest took the situation the hardest. It was challenging because he did not want to share his Mom. He didn’t want to share his home. I then started involving him with the business so he would participate in it. Every activity we did, I would involve him as well. He was 9 at the time. All my kids are involved with the business. I send them to take workshops. They are also on payroll. I think that by involving them is what helped out our situation.

¿Cómo sacas tiempo para tu familia durante un día tan ocupado?

What helps me a lot is having assistance with the children I care for. I have two assistants – they are my daughters who help me. One gets here at 7:00 am and the other is here in the afternoon. For my family moments, I make sure I take time with them on Fridays or Saturdays, or we plan small trips with all four kids. I also talk to them a lot about how this business is helping us do the things we love. Before we go anywhere or do anything, I make sure we have dinner together and that’s when we get to discuss what is happening in our daily lives.

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de tu situación?

I love the children. I see the growth in them, from infants to when they are ready for kindergarten. I love to see the developmental stages. I enjoy their innocence and naivety. I love that I am able to stay at home with my own children.

¿Qué consejo tienes para alguien que esté considerando ser proveedor de cuidado infantil?

I would advise them to plan – to go into seeing the business as what it is, a business. It’s important to do that because although we all do it for the love of the children, you need to plan to have a schedule and separate the child care business and your family. If you have even a corner of daycare, then keep that as the daycare corner and don’t mix them together with your family life.

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