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Episode Guide
Episode Guide
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Monday, September 29
Listening Skills
Topic: How can I teach listening skills to kids?
Activity: Sound Shakers
Video: Listening Activity Video
Resources: Reading Rockets
National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC)
Child Care Aware - Rethinking the Brain
Zero to Three: National Center For Infants, Toddlers and Families
Episode No.: APLO4056
Originally aired 11/29/07
Tuesday, September 30
Infant Care
Topic: How can I set up my child care to prepare for an infant?
Activity: Investigation Space
Video: Infant Care Video
Resources: California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Divison
California Resource and Referral Network
Head Start
Baby Workshop
Healthy Child Care
Ask Dr. Sears
Episode No.: APLO4057
Originally aired 11/30/07
Wednesday, October 1
Poetry & Rhyme
Topic: Can I let kids make up their own rhymes?
Activity: Storytime with Rhymes
Video: Poetry & Rhyme Video
Resources: The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
José-Luis Orozco Website
The Public Library Association’s Early Literacy Program
PBS Booklists for Children, Parents and Child Care providers
The National Center For Family Literacy
Early Words
Teachers' Mentor
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow Activity Central
Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
Episode No.: APLO4058
Originally aired 12/1/07
Thursday, October 2
Professional Development
Topic: What should I expect from attending a child care course?
Activity: Ball Painting
Video: Child Care Classes Video
Resources: The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
Child Development Training Consortium – CDTC
National Association for Family Child Care
Care Sources
Association for Childhood Education
California Resource and Referral Network
Episode No.: APLO4059
Originally aired 12/2/07

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